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In humans, some forms of early life stress ELS have been linked with precocious puberty, altered brain maturation, and increased risk for a variety of forms of pathology. Interestingly, not all forms of ELS have been found to equally impact these metrics of maturation. In recent work, we have found that ELS in the form of limited bedding LB from P4 to P11, was associated with precocious hippocampus maturation in males and increased risk for depressive-like pathology and attentional disturbance in female mice.

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Rates of post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, and major depression are higher in women than in men. Another shared feature of these disorders is that dysregulation of the stress neuropeptide, corticotropin-releasing factor CRFis thought to contribute to their pathophysiology. Therefore, sex differences in responses to CRF could contribute to this sex bias in disease prevalence.

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Stress response is associated with manifestations of various psychosomatic and psychiatric disorders. Hence, it is important to understand the underlying mechanisms that influence this association. Moreover, men and women tend to react differently with stress—both psychologically and biologically.

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Portrayals of post-traumatic stress injury PTSI are often associated with male war veterans. However, you may be surprised to learn that twice as many women experience PTSI, even though men are more likely to live through potentially traumatic events Footnote 1. Transgender people are also more likely to experience symptoms associated with a PTSI than the general population Footnote 2.

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But the adjective makes a bold appearance in a new report from The Rockefeller University, and with good reason. The findings, based on experiments with mice, are doubly notable because they occur in a part of the brain not normally associated with sex differences. They also have implications for the treatment of stress-related illnesses, including mood disorders.

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Our previous study revealed that adult female rats respond differently to trauma than adult males, recapitulating sex differences in symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD exhibited by women and men. For the first study, the effects of single prolonged stress SPS were compared for females singly or pair-housed. In addition to the typical measures of the trauma response in rats, acoustic startle response ASRand the dexamethasone suppression test DSTwe also used two other measures typically used to assess depressive-like responses, social interaction and sucrose preference.

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Men and women are exposed to different types and levels of psychosocial conditions at work. But are men and women different in their responses to these potential stressors? Previous studies produced inconsistent results regarding the impact of psychosocial work exposures—such as low job control, high strain i. Some of this inconsistency may be explained by the fact that few studies have examined these questions in population samples that are representative of the labour market.

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But, we are just beginning to understand how the differences that generally exist between women and men affect our biology and behavior. Feeling stress? But not everyone experiences stress the same way.

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Professor Bruce McEwen discusses differences between the sexes in coping with stress. These are mediated by hormonal, neural, and genetic factors. Good question. Certain brain structures from the hypothalamus to parts of the cerebral cortex, and probably a lot of other parts of the brain, are subtly changed by the testosterone, and also by genetic factors from the Y chromosome, so that the male brain develops in a somewhat different way from the female brain.


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