Why do college advisors suck

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Going to college can be stressful, no matter your major of choice. There is this expectation that your college advisors are there to be a helping hand throughout the whole process. Your advisor is supposed to help you plan and map out the next four years of your life.

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Ironically during this period of skyrocketing college costs, financial aid is often the subject that high school counselors know the least about. Graduate school programs, however, rarely offer even one class in college planning. In my opinion, this is truly scandalous.

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Arlen Castillo had just begun an online associate's degree program at Kaplan University when a family emergency forced a change of plans. Her mother in Florida learned she needed extensive surgery that entailed months of recuperation. Only two weeks into her first term, Castillo promptly withdrew to lend her mother support.

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Any advice if you have a crappy advisor? I am going for my PhD and although I thought I asked him some good questions, and received solid responses, in our interview, my advisor turns out that he is not a good mentor and not much of a help. He is mainly, at best, a time-suck with all the meetings he wants to make sure things are "going well" but doesn't actually want to help me with anything and gets petulant if I ask for help or advice. I don't know that many other people with a PhD so I thought I'd ask just in case you wanted to share some words of wisdom.

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November edited November in College Life. I'm a math major trying to finish science requirements, but apparently I need the intro engineering physics not the general one after being told by my math advisor that I could take gen physics. If I have to take engineering physics that means I'll have to spend one more semester in this college.

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Written by Isaiah Hankel, Ph. The first day that my graduate school advisor yelled at me in front of the entire lab I went into the handicap bathroom and cried. Just a little.

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In late September, Topeka High held a senior parent information night, encouraged by the new superintendent, Tiffany Anderson, who has made college attendance a priority. The guidance counselors were startled — and pleased — to find a line of parents stretching down the main hallway of the school. The parents were told that to be assured admission to most of the big state universities in Kansas, students had to have at least a 21 on the ACT, the average at Topeka High, or be in the top third of their class.

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College orientation absolutely sucks. Two grueling days of being around people you do not know, in a place you have only been a few times. Unfortunately, orientation is not an optional event, everyone has to go through it. Of course, there are people who love the orientation experience.

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In the post, Dr. Isis describes a shocking encounter in graduate school when a mentor informed her that because she had no first author publications, she was seen as unproductive, and not a competitive contender for grants. It was hard to hear, and many of our interactions ended with tears, but it gave me the push that I needed to right my ship before it sank.

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He had no interest in my academic interest and said stuff that made me really uncomfortable. If he wanted to have a racial heart-to-heart with me maybe save it for our second meeting at least? I brushed it off.


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