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Henry Cavill once suffered what we can only imagine to be pretty embarrassing—he got an erection at a really inconvenient time. Although we can't really blame him—he was filming a sex scene—that doesn't take away from his humiliation. Appearing on the September cover of Men's Fitnessthe Man of Steel star reveals he had to say his sorry for getting a little turned on while filming a scene for The Tudors.

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She is introduced to Henry by Thomas Boleyn, her father, after her sister Mary fails to keep Henry's interest prolonged. Anne Boleyn was Henry's wife for three years and four months before her execution, however Henry likely didn't believe the accusations against and simply wanted an excuse to be rid of Anne, of whom he was rapidly tiring. This was Anne's last chance to have a lasting marriage with Henry; shortly after she was accused of adultery, incest and treason, and she was executed at the Tower of London on May 19, One of the major factors that played a part in Anne's downfall was her failure to produce a male heir.

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The Tudors series one is out on DVD now. You know how the story ends, but it was a joy to play her. I felt with something as important as The Reformation I should know what I was talking about.

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I was innocent. All the accusations against me were false- I thought you knew. She is portrayed by English actress Natalie Dormer in an award-winning role, which spans 21 of the 38 episodes.

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Season 1: This historically loose but visually lush series toasts the world of the Tudors in the days when King Henry VIII was a handsome and charming year-old with athletic abilities and sexual prowess. The young king indulges his voracious taste for ladies-in-waiting, hangs out with his entourage of nobles and makes momentous political decisions. He is seduced by the Boleyn family, first Catherine and then her little sister Anne.

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As Charles Brandon, the role that made some remember his name, Henry starred in for four seasons of the period drama. He could say whatever he wanted to whomever he wanted because he was King Henry's best mate. All four of my brothers make jokes about it all the time.

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These days, cable networks can show some extremely sultry stuff. Here are 16 of the steamiest TV sex scenes ever. It helps that the show's stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are basically supermodels.

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The year-old Brit was left very embarrassed after the incident on the period drama, but is not so scarred that he couldn't tell Men's Fitness all about it in hilarious detail. She's basically rubbing herself all over me and, um, it got a bit hard. Cavill had to "apologise profusely" afterwards. But despite his nether regions seemingly disagreeing, Cavill insists that there is nothing "sexy" about getting your kit off in front of a roomful of cast and crew.