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Seller: atlascraft 24, The canvas can be worked in various stitches, but for best results, we recommend worked in half cross stitch with good quality tapestry yarn. We include a full recipe of required quantities and shades for both Anchor and DMC threads.

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Art Needlepoint Company was founded on the simple idea that art, like good design, should be available to everyone. Our canvases represent a large variety of artists from nearly all centuries and genres. We like to think of the art of needlepoint as the ability to create maximum effect from a minimum of materials.

Looking for design inspiration? Browse our curated collections! Recently Added.

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Longtime Chicagoan and veteran art professor Phyllis Bramson has a career retrospective up this summer at the Cultural Center. It's also filled with the artworks I think I would make if instead of being an art critic I were an artist. That's leaving out such significant factors as talent, luck and longevity, not to mention training, influence and ambition, but all the same, my personal affinity for Bramson's extravagant productions runs uncannily deep.

View Cart Checkout. Product Sections. Items:, Value:. NEW Lanterns, apples, ribbons and bows in warm golds, reds and oranges create a wonderful warm colour combination.


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