Garlic vaginal discharge

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Here's a fun fact: Vaginas are meant to smell like And while their natural scent might not be something you'd want in Diptyque candle form, it is what it is. That said, certain vaginal odors can indicate things like infections, especially if they come with a side of discharge that's a different color, consistency, or amount than what you're used to, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists ACOG.

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Jump to content. Yeast is a fungus that normally lives in the vagina in small numbers. A vaginal yeast infection means that too many yeast cells are growing in the vagina.

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The feisty warning signs of an oncoming yeast infection can strike at any time: irritation, burning, discharge. Yeast can grow out of check when a person is stressed, has recently used antibiotics or has a weakened immune system. Persistent infections, however, know no health, race or age boundaries.

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Yeast infections are a relatively common occurrence for women. According to Harvard Health, 75 percent of all women have or will have at least one vaginal yeast infection in their lives. Garlic is known to have positive biological effects on your immune systemcardiovascular system, cancers, and other conditions. Read on to find out if you should use garlic to cure your yeast infection.

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By Alexandra Klausner. April 24, pm Updated April 24, pm. In a now-viral twitter thread, Dr.

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For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Healthline Media, Inc.

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Show 3 more Show less If you experience itching, burning, or a change in your vaginal discharge, you may have a vaginal infection.

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Vaginas are supposed to smell. In the meantime, here are six common vaginal odors and what they might be trying to tell you. Garlic, onions, or another type of food.

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Ready for some truth? All vaginas smell. That's right: It's totally normal to have some kind of scent down there, and no matter what soap commercials tell you, it shouldn't be a light floral one.

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A healthy vagina has no singular smell. Every woman has her own unique scent, and the odor can change throughout the month. Potential causes like sweating, infection, and sexually transmitted disease can all be cleared quickly and easily with a few lifestyle changes and antibiotics.


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